I always had it within me…..

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2013 is gone, a year that has been very strategic in my life. Many people are superstitious about the number 13 but for me I can say that every number is just a number, it does not mean a thing to me. The past year has been one that I will never forget because I have achieved a number of milestones that circle back to years of hard work. I am almost feeling sad that the year is over. It is the first time in my entire life when I know I have fully mastered every area of my life. The highlight of … [Continue reading...]

The Gift Of Imperfection

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I always heard people say "there are no perfect people, the only perfect person was crucified by imperfect people on a cross". Lately I have had to re-invent myself because I realized that in the process of time it is easy to become a superficial individual that can not tolerate vulnerability because it seems like a sign of weakness. When we choose to be superficial It becomes our responsibility to always put out an acid test in our interactions with an aim of "weeding" out those that do not … [Continue reading...]

Just For Me

Roses are red...

The month of March is my birthday month, and for sometime now most of my friends and family know what to do, a good bouquet of flowers mean much more than cake to me. I remember there was a birthday when my family,uncles and aunties ganged up together across the oceans to order flowers for me and delivered to […]

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He Said Goodbye….

Revival Meeting

He said goodbye but never let go, for a moment I thought He was going to be leaving me but then He promised that His absence in the flesh did not mean He was gone, that I would always be with Him. Lately I have been reading a very powerful book called “A Tale Of […]

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I Refused…..


In that moment when you have been cornered by life, demands showing up from every corner, questions bombarding you at every turn and this is creating commotion around you, almost chaos surrounding you because your can’t even hear your voice a midst the noise, I have learnt to refuse. I refused to let myself go, I clinched my fists and keep me […]

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God Bless Kenya

The fact that God has placed me in the diaspora, I do not discard the incredible gift of being a Kenyan, I wear my Kenyan values with pride and confidence. It was in Kenya that God in heaven allowed the angels to deliver me as a little baby in my mom’s arms. I celebrate so […]

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Polygamy Is Not Acceptable

Psalms 139:14 My heart has been so disturbed lately by the pace at which the family unit is deteriorating. I was particularly discouraged when Miss Kenya, the beauty peargent winner in my native country came out in the open to have a conversation with the media confirming that indeed she is the second wife to […]

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Earth Quake in Washington DC

I give my all

Many of us remember that in 2011 there was an earthquake that literaly shook the District of Columbia. Many people asked me where I was, called me to check if I was okay even though I can actually say that I did not feel the impact of the earthquake. I have friends that told me that they were shaken by the earth or […]

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The “Bean” Story

Happy Day

During my elementary school years I will never forget my biology or science class. I particularly enjoyed “experiment class” This was a class that was taught through experiments. The teacher required the student to bring some items for experiments that would last for days sometimes. One day our teacher asked us to bring beans to the experiment class. […]

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What Matters To Me

Jesus Is Lord

Few months ago in the early weeks of spring I took a trip I will never forget, I was well on my way to the Chesapeake Bay for a business meeting. There is just something “soothing “about driving for two hours to the unknown alone after work. Beyond beating traffic and the darkness would quickly cover […]

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